CIDC 2017
Clarion International Developer Conference 2017

Two additional days of training are available for the two days prior to the conference.
Training will be done by Bruce Johnson of CapeSoft and will focus on using Clarion and NetTalk together to target the web, and mobile devices.

The training will be suitable for beginners (people who have not used NetTalk before) but will quickly move on to more advanced topics, especially around the creation of hybrid applications (which work offline) on mobile devices.

Onsite trainees will receive a printed version of the latest NetTalk Training book. Online attendees will receive a PDF version of the book.

All Training attendees (online or onsite) will have access to recordings after the event

Provision (or not) of Morning and Afternoon refreshments and Lunch are to be announced.

Bruce Johnson - CapeSoft

Day 1:

Day 2:

All times and subjects are provisional and are subject to change.

Noyantis Training
Andy Wilton of Noyantis is also offering training for Noyantis products. This will take place in the evenings of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. All details are at the Noyantis Website.

We understand it's hard to commit when there's a lot of information on the sessions not yet available. To give you some peace of mind please see the Refund Policy.